Twenty Most Beautiful People of the Decade

Interview Magazine har listat Twenty Most Beautiful People of the Decade.
Här är några av mina favisar som var med på listan:

Before we got to him, the High School Musical star was the squeaky-clean song-and-dance Disney showpiece with the "surreal" beauty (as an admiring Robert Pattinson, no slouch himself in that department, once gushed). Now he's starring in a serious movie (Me and Orson Welles) that critics actually seem to like. Remember where Johnny Depp got his start?

With five films scheduled to come out in the next year, it's safe to say that Ashley Greene is riding the momentum from the absurd Twilight wave. The young vampire with the psychic abilities—she also has the power to make girls literally break down in tears in public—has already survived a rumored (though unconfirmed) sex-tape scandal, so that's out of her teen idol system. But how far into her own future can she see? From where we're standing, the near-future, at least, looks promising.

In some ways, he's a lot like Nate Archibald—a young, rich, extremely good-looking guy living in New York. And soon he'll be tossing his flawless man-bangs about in the upcoming Footloose remake. The Texas-bred  pretty boy is well on the path to American teen idolhood.

Since that first shot of Johannsson in Lost in Translation, her throwback beauty has been bewitching us. The red lips against porcelain skin, the platinum curls, the breathy voice, the curves—she's Marilyn all over again, but brainier this time around. She can even sing, as she proved with her album of Tom Waits covers in 2008. Recently wedded to Ryan Reynolds and seemingly over being Woody's ingenue, Scarlett Johansson still remains the ultimate Muse.


Tanned, blonde, mid-riff baring. Check, check, check. She's who people think of when they use the phrase "just a pretty face"—but that's exactly the misnomer Jessica Alba's been trying to disprove since she came on the scene in James Cameron's series Dark Angel. Sure, Into the Blue was a barely-concealed excuse to put her in a two-piece for the duration of a feature-length movie, but she was fearless in the noir hit Sin City—albeit, as a stripper. Okay, so maybe she's not gotten very far in the serious actress department. But she'll have the next 10 years to overcome her genetic gifts.

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2010-01-15 @ 17:24:03

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