Twilight Dikt.

Bella’s Love

Fire vs. Ice, Fur vs. Stone.
But there is no competition. I know where my heart belongs.
Skin that’s too hot vs. Skin that’s too cold.
To try to break our unbreakable bond, he must be bold.

I don’t care if he can make me warm while the cold win blows.
Because in my sleep I speak your name & this I know, you know.

It is tough though, losing a friend. But I’m gaining so much more.
Gaining a love that I never knew existed until I moved here to Forks.

I saw you walk into the cafeteria, the absolute meaning of beauty.
& I’m happy you couldn’t read my thoughts, that you couldn’t see through me.

He’s sweet, he’s nice, some people say he’s the sensible path. But I’m happy with the one I’ve taken.
The one who makes me quiver & smile. The one whose heart I won’t be breaking.

A perfect match. The lion & his lamb. Opposites surely do attract.
Because you’re the only one I’ll ever want & I’ll never take that back…

Riktigt fin!


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